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How to list your business on the stock exchange with no upfront cost or fees


Small companies are often too small for big companies to acquire and other small companies simply don’t have the financial means to acquire their competitor. Going public is something small to medium-sized enterprises never think about….until now. It’s a very expensive complicated process and takes a long time. What if there was a way for SMEs to enjoy the same benefits that most large public companies enjoy without the upfront cost? How about an IPO in 12 months?


Through Agglomeration, a number of companies can come together in a collaborative IPO. This model doubles or triples value of each of the companies without changing anything in the individual companies. All member companies are able to scale instantly, unlock liquidity by having public stock, and gain access to capital.

How IPO works for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises

IPO - Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

Using a proven model, we can help small to medium-sized companies who would otherwise not consider going public gain instant scale, unlock liquidity and gain access to a large pool of capital.

Company 1

Company 1 joins a group of similar companies to create a much larger company. Company 1 continues to operate independently without changing anything.

Company 2

Gain instant scale which unlocks opportunities to bid on large-scale projects and contracts

Company 3

Benefit from public drivers of the public market in terms of valuation. Imagine two or three times increase in valuation.

Company 4

Access to capital while also allowing business owner/entrepreneur to retain full control of their operations

Company 5

Member companies and owners are incentivized to innovate and collaborate with other companies in the group.

Company 6

Growth through Acquisitions

Company 7

Member companies get access to Talent and Services
Do you run a company with at least $500K in profits and debt free? You may be eligible.