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About Us


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Ambitious Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Boon + Perk is a boutique Mergers and Acquisition (“M&A) firm that specializes in unlocking and creating opportunities for small to Medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) to scale.

We want to help entrepreneurs and business owners unlock the untapped value trapped in their business and allowing them to go out into the world to solve more and often bigger problems. We want to help create a world where entrepreneurs can scale quickly all while keeping control of their business.

Our Public Listing Model

When you ask most small to medium-sized enterprise (“SME”) what is next for them, many simply do not have a plan for an exit. There is a skewed perception that will sell their business in a few years for millions, then retire somewhere tropical drinking daiquiris on a beach.

Small businesses are too small for the big players and other small players don’t have the know-how or capital to buy another small company. So the small remains small.

What if we could unlock the value within SME’s without having to haggle over valuations?

Imagine if we played in the same league with large corporations, all while ripping the same benefits that SME’s were previously excluded from?

Through Agglomeration, a number of companies can come together in a collaborative IPO. This model doubles or triples value of each of the companies without changing anything in the individual companies. All member companies are able to scale instantly, unlock liquidity by having public stock, and gain access to capital.


Founded in Barcelona in 2017 by Tim Esho.
Principal offices: Barcelona and Toronto.


Creating immediate scale and growth through mergers


Helping entrepreneurs exit in the pursuit of solving bigger problems.


Injecting value into businesses ready for growth and expansion


Rescuing businesses in distress or those looking for their next challenge

Looking for an exit strategy for your business? Get in touch for a confidential discussion.